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This is Ben and I in Belize on top of the High Temple at the Lamanai Ruins.
This is Ben and I in Belize on top of the High Temple at the Lamanai Ruins.

I’m Madeline. I am a happily married student at Southern Utah University, currently working toward my Bachelor degree in Business Marketing. Overall I like to consider myself ambitious and a bit of a “go-getter”. I didn’t always want to be a business major in college but it seemed like my entire life was pointing directly at it.

I started college as a photography major, which then changed to an equine studies major (I know, it’s a leap). From both of those options, the one thing they had in common was that I wanted to start a business out of them, whether it was a photography studio or my own horse ranch. When those things didn’t interest me anymore, I still had a strong desire to work in some sort of business, preferably a larger corporation. Call me weird, but I absolutely love paperwork and things like it. I like making sure things are in order and organized and that’s what makes me happy.

At the time, I had just started working at a small town jewelry store as a jewelry consultant. While I enjoyed my job, all I did was sales. So I decided to start learning what the office manager’s job was. I learned about all the paperwork behind keeping a business running, how to pay bills and keep an organized record of all of our dealings with customers and I completely fell in love with it, the numbers, the paperwork, working with vendors, and everything in between. Soon after all of this, I was promoted to office manager myself. I had found my goal in life, I was going to obtain a business degree and that was all I could think of. I had a strong desire to do everything I was doing then, but on a much bigger scale. But wait, that’s not all…

It wasn’t long after this that my husband and I took a trip to Belize Central America to spend a month seeing the sights and working humanitarian aid on a bamboo farm. Ben, my husband, had already spent two years living there, hence he knew his way around, and I was the cliché tourist following behind him. What struck me most about that trip though was how different the culture was from what I had grown up with. I loved learning about their history and I soaked up everything anyone said to us. Since coming home, I often feel a sense of “homesickness”. However, instead of having the desire to be home, I had a strong need to be out in the foreign world again, learning as much as I could and working with new and different cultures.

Now to tie this great story back into my education plans: because of my experience abroad, not only am I now working towards a degree in business, but I am going to be working directly towards an International Business Marketing degree. And that is where this whole blog began.

Once I decided to go for an international degree, I didn’t feel like my generally small home university in Cedar City could offer me an international education that would get me very far, so I wrongly started looking at other universities. After wasting my time searching elsewhere for a few weeks, I decided to give SUU one more hard look. So I made a few phone calls, searched anything on the web linking SUU and international programs and then I found it: the one program that could not be matched by any other school I found in Utah or the US for that matter.

What I found is The Dual Degree program in Poitiers, France. How it works is I will spend one academic year (2 semesters) studying business courses at ESCEM in Poitiers, France. Upon my successful completion of the program and the remainder of my courses at SUU, I will receive not one, but two bachelor’s degrees (one from SUU in Marketing and one, the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, from ESCEM in international business). This program was perfect and I knew it as soon as I found it. It would send me abroad to work with other students from all over the world in classes taught by actual business owners and corporate professionals.

And this is why this blog was created, to allow other students a chance to find this same program, without as much hassle as I had to go through, and follow me as I prepare and spend the next year studying international business and marketing in the great country of France.


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